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A Unique Documentary

DISMANTLED is an upcoming documentary, written by the founder of Back2Genesis and produced by the professional video production company, LaBarge Media. The documentary will present, from a scientific perspective, the big picture of the Biblical view of origins.


Evolutionary scientists in multiple disciplines including biology, paleoanthropology, genetics, geology, paleontology, and astronomy are having to drastically revise their view of natural history in order to agree with the latest evidence from modern science. In the process, the evolutionary view of origins is "coincidentally" looking more and more like the Biblical view of origins in Genesis. Is evolutionary theory "mutating" into Creation as science advances? 


DISMANTLED will take viewers into uncharted territory with multiple scientist interviews and stunning videography, showcasing compelling evidences from the major fields of science—providing a fresh look at dinosaurs and the so-called "age of reptiles", Neanderthals, the age of the earth, geologic evidences for a global flood, genetic evidence for "mitochondrial Eve" and "Y chromosome Adam", and other untold secrets of creation and the cosmos.


Expected Release & Budget

In October of 2015, LaBarge Media began filming and production. In the summer of 2016, we interviewed our first scientists—a geneticist, a biologist, and a leading Christian astronomer.  Since then several other well-credentialed scientists have been interviewed. As of August 2019, we have rendered to video the first 55 minutes of the documentary. The quality is impressive.  To date, we have raised $115,000 dollars. To complete the documentary we need to raise an additional 100,000 dollars to meet all of our production costs and needs. Our needs including state-of-the-art computer-generated video clips, impressive visuals, music, and promotional materials. Our goal is to complete the documentary within the next few months (TBD 2020).



We have a 220,000 stretch goal. The extra funding will also allow us to translate the documentary into multiple languages (Mandarin, Spanish, Hindustani, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Punjabi, German, and Korean). The extra funding will also help us to promote the documentary on social media platforms to reach as many souls as possible. Upon completion, the documentary will be distributed worldwide via Amazon, Netflix, and other popular venues.


Will You Help Us?

To complete the documentary and make it available to the world as-soon-as-possible, we need your help to meet all of our production costs. Will you consider making a financial contribution? Will you help spread the word by sharing this project with others on social media? To donate online, click below or make checks payable to Back2Genesis, Inc. and send to the following address (Back2Genesis, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization—all gifts are tax-deductible). 


Chris Rupe/Back2Genesis
24920 Mound Street
Loma Linda, CA 92350