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Dear Friends and Family,

I am excited to announce the official release date of our long-awaited documentary film entitled, DISMANTLED: A SCIENTIFIC DECONSTRUCTION OF THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION.


In DISMANTLED, interviews with several PhD scientists and scores of peer-reviewed scientific papers were marshaled to build the case that it is not unreasonable to accept the Book of Genesis (chapters 1-11) as a historically reliable account of our origins. Contrary to popular opinion, the history recorded in Genesis provides a coherent and internally consistent framework for interpreting the evidence from the major fields of science. The evidence presented from biology (scene 2), paleoanthropology (scene 3), and modern genetics (scene 4) are remarkably consistent with the early chapters in Genesis. This is not something we would expect if the Genesis account was merely a primitive creation myth. To watch the trailer video or to learn more about the film visit: dismantledevolution.com 



To celebrate the film’s debut, we are hosting a FREE weekend premiere, beginning on Friday, October 9th. The weekend premiere will be available on the film’s official website: dismantledevolution.com/watchfilm. Feel free to share the link via email and social media with friends, family, educators, churches, and ministries. The film will be available to view anytime during the weekend viewing period. The password barrier that is currently up will be removed, so that anyone with the link can watch the film anytime they wish between Friday, Oct. 9 and Sunday, Oct. 11, ending at 11:59 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Afterwards, the film will be available on the film’s website and on Amazon. You can pre-order your Blu-ray or DVD copies today on the "shop" page of our website. Contact me at info@dismantledevolution.com for bulk order discounts.



We are making the documentary available to organizations to show at their facility, FREE of charge. If you are interested in hosting a screening event with your church, campus ministry, classroom, or other venue, contact us at info@dismantledevolution.com. A viewing link and temporary password can be made available on request for those who would like to review the film before promoting in your church or community venue. Free promotional material, including video clips, and posters can be downloaded from our “Screenings” page. They can be shared on Facebook and social media to help promote your event. I recommend having an intermission for public viewings since it is a long film (93-minute runtime).


1. Book your calendars and tune in to our free weekend premiere, Oct. 9-11. Share the link with others so that they can tune in: dismantledevolution.com/watchfilm


2. Like our Facebook page and share our trailer video or premiere poster on your wall. The trailer and posters are on our Facebook page, available at: facebook.com/dismantledevolutionfilm/

3. If you feel led to do so, host a screening at your church or community venue. If you have questions about logistics, email us at info@dismantledevolution.com.


4. Pray for those who will be watching the film who may be skeptics of the Bible or have doubts about God. We love them and pray for them.


I hope you will enjoy this film. Feel free to submit your feedback on our website and tell us what you thought about the film! I pray that God would bring to mind specific persons who might benefit from watching this film, such as friends, family members, and those who may not know the Lord. Please share this with them! 



Christopher Rupe