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Dear Friends and Family,


It has been just over 3 years since I first enrolled as a graduate student at a university in Southern California to pursue a formal degree in geology. I came in with an undergraduate degree in biology. Consequently, I had to take all of the required geology courses before I could apply for the PhD program. This past summer, I completed my comprehensive exam and presented a research proposal for my dissertation. My research committee approved my research proposal, and so I have just begun my PhD dissertation research. My research will focus on carbonate deposits (a type of sedimentary rock) found within the Lower Jurassic Navajo Sandstone. The Navajo Sandstone is a beautiful cross-bedded sandstone formation that attracts tourists to national parks where it is the dominant rock type, such as Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, and Arches National Park. My area of research is in the Moab region of southeastern Utah. I will be collaborating with a team of geologists and paleontologists from different universities. I am both humbled and grateful for this opportunity. 

A visit to Arches National Park, UT with friends


Since our free weekend premiere of Dismantled: A Scientific Deconstruction of the Theory of Evolution, we have received several hundred encouraging feedback submissions from people living around the world. Praise God! 


Back2Genesis is eager to begin production on Part II, which will cover two additional fields of science: geology and paleontology. A large portion for the film will cover the extraordinary geologic evidence for The Flood. To learn more about the film or to send us a gift to help us meet our production costs, please visit: back2genesis.org/dismantled

As always, thank you very much for your prayers and support! 


Christopher Rupe 


Some Encouraging Feedback our Viewers:

"The documentary is excellent, covering the 2 areas of the most recent findings in science (genetic and paleoanthropology) and correctly define the theory of evolution with clear objectivity from the standpoint of classical and modern discipline of biology." –P.C. 

"Well done!! This was a very articulate and scientifically reasoned discussion on the facts supporting the Biblical account of the Origin of Species and the Creation of Man. It was technically superb. I have been intellectually wrestling with the Creation/Evolutional debate my entire life. I graduated with a degree in Zoology. I worked in biological research as a life long career." –R.C. 

"The presentation was very professional and credible. It was a very positive examination of evidence, allowing the viewer to draw conclusions with dignity." –W.W. 

"I studied a masters in Biology and see myself as very well informed in the topics mentioned. the things I found refreshing and unique about this movie was the excellence of its approach. It did not judge or look down upon science discrediting science as a whole but refreshingly used modern scientific argument to help debunk long held scientific assumptions. very very well done movie. thank you so much for this." –S.B. 

"It would be very hard for an open mind to disagree with your evidence. Thank you so much." –T.T. 

"Excellently researched and produced scientific look at the science of evolution. Should be mandatory viewing for all junior and senior high students. Bravo!" –R.P. 

"Brilliant production. Explained very clearly given the complexity of issues, especially for people without a scientific background. We will continue to promote 'Dismantled'. ... Look forward to Part II." –G.S. 

"So excited to see modern science begin to prove Creation. For those of us who are Jesus followers it is wonderful to know we can refer nonbelievers to a documentary of this caliber along with the Bible to open their eyes and hearts to the truth." –K.S. 

"This has to be the most compelling and diplomatic exposé of the fallacies of evolution that I have ever seen. ... And you did it without a single disparaging word about any evolutionists. In fact, you quoted their own words to dismantle their beliefs. Bravo!" –T.C. 

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